Save up to 95% on your new roof! Many homeowners that we have helped did not know their roof was damaged from a weather event. It takes a trained eye to spot this type of damage. We will inspect your roof to see if you qualify for a new roof due to wind or hail. If so, we will assist you throughout the entire process!




Roof Replacement

Even the best roof will eventually need to be replaced. When it does, Schottenstein Roofing can help. We can remove your current roof and replace most roofs in just one day! If your roof is in need of replacement, our Columbus roofing contractors get it done quickly and effectively, so you don’t have to worry. A new roof from Schottenstein Roofing does more than protect your home– it offers a variety of benefits that you’ll be enjoying long-term.

Higher Resale Value

A new roof increases your home’s value by an estimated $15,000 on average, making it one of the best home improvement projects you can invest in. Roofs are expensive, and potential home buyers know that. A new roof is a big selling point, as it’s a maintenance cost that the new owners won’t have to worry about for a while.

Better Curb Appeal

Any realtor knows that one of the biggest selling points for a home is the curb appeal. A new roof helps improve your home’s curb appeal, further raising it’s valuation. In fact, realtors estimate that your roof is roughly 40 percent of your home’s overall curb appeal, making it that much more important to maintain.

High Return on Investment

A new roof is an excellent investment. While many other home improvement projects only translate a fraction of their cost into the home’s value, a new roof averages a return on investment of roughly 65-70 percent!

Energy Efficient

Heat and air conditioning escape your house in all manner of ways, but one of the most egregious is through your roof. In fact, an estimated 25 percent of heat is lost through an uninsulated or aging roof. A new roof is a big selling point because it will save new owners thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the years.


An old roof isn’t just costly– it can be dangerous. Aging roofs may be structurally compromised and less able to withstand weather events such as heavy snow, wind, and rain. This could lead to further damage. A new roof is can handle anything thrown at it, from hail to thunderstorms.

We are certified by GAF

The largest residential roofing manufacturing in North America. Every roof we install is backed by the best warranties for life. When you choose Schottenstein to replace your roof, you’re in the best hands in the industry.

Columbus Roofing Repair

Roof damage is a major issue that only gets worse over time. It can cause mold growth, water stains, and lasting structural damage. When your roof springs a leak or takes a beating from bad weather, you need it repaired quickly and effectively. That’s where we come in. Whether you need shingles replaced or a leak patched up, our Columbus Roofing specialists can repair your roof professionally and in a timely manner.

How Do I Know If I Need Roofing Repairs?

Roofing problems are often easy to spot if you know what to look for. We suggest inspecting your roof twice a year or after severe storms for any indication of damage. If you notice any of the following issues, call the roofing repair experts at Schottenstein Roofing today for your free estimate, and professional repair services.

Missing or Broken Shingles

Shingles are one of the greatest indicators of roof health. If you can see patches of discolored shingles or find loose shingles littering your property, your roof may be in trouble. Heavy wind, rain, and storms can cause significant damage, ripping off shingles and leaving your home exposed to moisture.

Cracked or Damaged Flashing

Flashings are an important part of your roof. They are thin metal pieces that are installed under shingles and in joints to create a weather-resistant barrier and to prevent water from getting into your home. However, if they are compromised, water can easily start penetrating the now vulnerable gaps and seams in your roof. Common causes of flashing damage include corrosion and weather damage– but either way, they need to be repaired immediately.

Damaged Vent Booting

Vent booting is a rubber cover around a protruding vent pipe that helps seal the area from water and debris. Unfortunately, this covering ages just like the rest of your roof and can decay and crack over time. Any clear signs of age mean your vent booting may need to be repaired or replaced.

Sagging, Holes, and Other Signs of Problems

A hole in your roof, sagging sections, or other signs of damage are clear indicators that something isn’t right with your roof. If your roof develops any holes or sagging, call Schottenstein Roofing immediately. It’s important to get a highly trained expert to inspect these issues as this can be very dangerous. Simply call the roof repair contractors at Schottenstein Roofing to help.

Moisture Inside the House

Signs of moisture in your attic, ceiling, or walls are never a good thing and are typically indicators of a damaged roof. Make note of where it’s happening and call the professionals at Schottenstein Roofing.