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The First Choice for Columbus Solar Panel Installation

At Schottenstein Roofing, we are on a mission to combine our 50 years of homebuilding experience with the promising new solar technology. We have found that solar panels increase the value of our client’s property and in some cases, completely replace their energy bill. Contact us if you are interested in solar panels and our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.




Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Some people are on the fence about solar panels and aren’t sure whether or not they’re worth it. If this sounds like you, we’re here to tell you they are well worth it. Solar panels lighten a homeowner’s financial burden through a renewable, storable, free, and efficient energy source.

› Solar Reduces Energy Costs

The sun’s rays are beaming down on us every day and solar panels enable us to harness this light energy and channel it into our homes. By using the solar radiation in the environment you can get away from expensive fossil fuels and other means of powering your home.

While the solar system itself costs money upfront your average annual energy expense will drop drastically or disappear altogether. The amount of money you save is going to depend on the amount of energy you use, the size of your solar system, and the amount of sunlight your house receives.

› Solar Panels Add Value to Your Home

Energy-efficient homes are more valued than ever and a solar system is the pinnacle of energy efficiency. When you have a solar system installed by a professional Columbus solar company you will see a drastic increase in your property’s value. Solar panels are a great investment because they drive the price of your property up and provide you with a selling point should you decide to sell in the future.

› Tax Credits & Rebates

Over the past few decades, the government has made an attempt towards a greener, energy conscious society. One of their most recent moves in this initiative is to offer tax credits and rebates that lighten the financial load of installing a solar system. Federal tax credits could amount to up to 26% of the total cost of your Columbus solar panel installation.

› Low Maintenance Costs

Many people think solar panels are fragile and require around the clock maintenance but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Solar systems actually require next to no maintenance. Annual or biannual cleaning should be the only thing you have to do to keep your system functioning as it should.

A Complete Columbus Solar Panel Service

Schottenstein Roofing is the preferred choice for a Columbus solar panel service because we have been in the home building industry for a combined 50 years. We know what investments make homeowners’ lives easier and we do everything we can to bring the two together. Our solar panel service is great for homeowners looking to increase the value of their home, reduce energy costs, and live a greener life.

From installations to maintenance and repairs, you can count on the team at Schottenstein Roofing to provide a complete solar panel service for your home. Schedule a tour of one our communities or contact us for more information on our complete Columbus solar panel service.